In the immortal of my toddler daughter (who says it in the most adorable way) when she drops something, “Uh-oh!!!”

So I’ve been crazy busy with things going on in my life lately, and just hadn’t gotten around to restoring the site here.  I realized though that I’m missing some components to my backup… namely the media attachments. I have numerous database backups of the blog, covering the content… but I’m not immediately certain where I had a backup of the rest stored.

I have lots of stuff stored on a large RAID that I’ll search around and see if I can find it, but in the mean time I’ll just continue on and restore entries later.  I also thought about maybe just starting fresh anyway, this time having more substance and thought out entries. I may just do that, and later hand-pick a few older posts (without media) to restore here and there from the SQL dumps.