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How Free Trade Will Help Your Small Business

Free trade agreements make it easier for small business owners to grow and expand. When the government approves free trade agreements with other countries, small business owners should try to see how these deals can be beneficial to their companies.

International trade agreements are aimed at eliminating trade barriers and fostering a reduction in high tariffs. Regional trade agreements are better than bilateral trade agreements because they involve more countries. More countries mean more opportunities.

Free trade agreements are important for small businesses in many ways. They make international trade simpler for those involved. As an entrepreneur, if you do not have enough money or the diplomatic contacts required to enter certain markets, you do not need to worry since some FTAs make such opportunities easier to access.


Be Familiar with the Advantages


  • The reduction of tariffs will give your goods a significant price advantage over your non-FTA competitors. Preferential treatment is given to goods that are coming from countries which are part of the deal. Tariffs may even be waived.


  • Apart from reduced tariffs, FTAs make the processing of goods through customs easier for exporters. This is made possible through the harmonization of product standard requirements.


  • If you are thinking about the protection of your company’s intellectual property, keep in mind that some FTAs may be entered into with attention given to this issue. The agreements may offer expanded protection for trade secrets, copyrights, patents, and trademarks.


Countries that sign FTAs are under obligation to enforce laws concerning this clause. This measure has been put in place to remove unnecessary hindrances to free trade.


Factors to Consider in Free Trade


  • Financing


  • Taxes on your exporting operations


  • Currency conversion


  • Legal matters based on the protection of your intellectual property in the host country


  • Method of exportation (direct or indirect)


In view of the above points, financing is a very important consideration. As regards the method of exportation, the direct method entails selling directly to a buyer in the target country. You will handle the shipping arrangements. On the other hand, the indirect method involves selling to an intermediary in charge of handling shipping arrangements and other duties. You can find tax preparation experts on if you are thinking about minimizing your tax bill and other services.

Check government websites for a list of the FTAs that have been entered into. This will help you in deciding how to expand your business internationally. Business owners will know the right countries to target, and what is at stake.

It is advisable to understand what each FTA entails. By doing so, you will know how to operate favorably. You will also know the best period to export your goods and services.

FTAs mean new markets for a growing business. You cannot ignore these revenue opportunities as a business owner trying to beat the competition, and seeking to be successful. All the cards you have been dealt by the business world should be considered, especially the steps that the government has taken to ensure a favorable environment for small companies in the country.

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