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Bandwidth, get’cher bandwidth!

So I’m finally sick of the frequently weak speeds on my on my WiMAX connection here and doubt I’m getting FiOS anytime soon.. I’ve ordered a business class cable connection.

In any case, since I’m going from no cost for Internet (employer pays the current setup) to a small car payment…to help subsidize the cost I’m going to incur, I’m going to offer colo space to people. I’ve got 13 static IPs to play with, so if you want a domain hosted or want to drop off your own box, let me know.

The speed will be 50 down / 10 up from this end. No restrictions or metering, as long as you don’t violate my AUP with Comcast. Extra UPSs are available, and generator/automatic transfer switch on site. The only thing I can’t guarantee is an outage from Comcast, but it’s pretty unlikely.