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Left and Liberal

When it comes to political categories, there lies a fine line that stands between two beliefs. This particular line begins at the right place and divides the trend between people believing in Left and people believing in Liberalism. Although there lie huge differences, there are specific individuals who think that they are one and the same. Apart from the ideology and thought process, these people also have different political ambitions, and it is the right time that you understood all about it. So, to update your knowledge, here are some of the main differences between Left and Liberal.

The Left


If someone had to name an individual responsible for this movement, then they would indeed name Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt. He defeated the Liberal candidate Herbert Hoover and became the 32nd president of the United States of America. He did so, by promising the people that his government would take another approach and that he would address the wreckage caused by depression.

Through time, things caught up, and people preferred the kind of policies that he had introduced to take over the damage done to the economy. But happy times, never lasted forever because there came a left backlash in the late 1970s. President Ronald Reagan started arguing for unfettered capitalism, as he wanted to use the markets. He was widely popular and successful, thanks to his policies that reduced the extent of taxes, fought back unions and so on. Such changes took the country back to Liberalism, that has significant impacts even in the 21st Century.


The origin of Liberalism dates back to England from the 1840s, where a set of students proposed a set of new ideas that were different from their colleagues. This was a different period for England, as the country saw new and qualified thinkers who believed in Liberalism. Their ideas and thoughts were different from the rest, and that involves the government. One of the major influencers has to be Adam Smith, as they agreed with his views in his book “Wealth of Nations”.

Their theories were in line with employment, as they stood for the introduction of more number of factories. Such thoughts were not limited since it began spreading all over the country. Ultimately, they replaced the government and gave the British with an off and on government that went on for the next 70 years all the way up to World War Ⅰ. But as the nature of the whole process goes, Liberals also faced criticism since specific individuals thought that they were not helping the ones in need.



Regardless of the differences, the main agenda of every single ideology is to provide welfare to the people of a nation. Through time, political ideologies spread and the current scenario is quite different.