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Bullets Beef n Beer… Road trip!

Guns… steak.. beer… ‘Murica!! 😀

Only thing missing in this equation are babes, but midwest farm girls are quite the hotties and I’m sure the Sooner State has quite a few.

Wilshire Gun, a pretty sizable gun range in Oklahoma City, has just been given approval to serve alcohol on site by the city council there. Now some might see this combination as a really bad idea, and of course the libtards and anti-gun activists will go ballistic over it (no pun intended hehe), but co-owner Jeff Swanson has setup a system in place to insure it’s always shooting before drinking and not the other way around.

“Once you order a drink your driver’s license is scanned and you are red-flagged and you’re not allowed into any of the shooting facilities…for the remainder of the day,” Swanson told Fox 25.

Brent Fairchild, with the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission, argues that people who want to drink then shoot will find a way, which is true – someone could just have drinks before going to the range. But seriously, how is that any different than any other range, or any different than someone going shooting after drinking at some other bar?

EDIT: And to add another excellent point made by a member in a gun forum “I wonder how many of these left wing hypocrits will be entering drinking establishments this evening, consuming alcoholic beverages while possessing car keys.”

This isn’t a done deal, mind you; they still have to apply for a license from the ABLE Commission, but congrats to Wilshire on their success so far.  Check out their website and Facebook page for more info and to keep up to date on their progress. Good luck guys!


Oklahoma native daughter Bitter – road trip? :)

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    I have been looking for an excuse to go visit again. :)

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